24 Hour Bike Race Photography

2011 Hardcore24 mountain bike race

My brother raced on a team in the Hardcore24 mountain bike race this past weekend.  I stopped out to support the racers and photograph some of them on course.  To all the racers that I didn’t get to photograph on course I apologise but it was getting too dark in the woods for photography by 7:30pm.  I was able to capture about 65 racers that are in the album below.  If you’re a Facebooker the images can be found on my Facebook photography page.  Enjoy!

* * UPDATE:  Due to the volume of inquires I wanted to note that I’m donating my time and a digital file to those that I was able to photograph and want one.  If anyone wanted a 5×7 print it would be $10 shipped to you.  Just send me a message via the contact form on this website. * *


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